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What is a thermal pallet cover?

What is a thermal pallet cover?

Thermal pallet covers protect temperature sensitive goods against temperature changes that can damage the products. With this insulation it also protects against condensation, humidity, light including ultraviolet and infrared, gases, and odours. You can picture the thermal pallet cover as a big bag that is placed over the products stacked on a pallet. Herewith it protects the sensitive products against the outside conditions.

Vulnerable products that requires the use of thermal liners include food, like chocolate and bakery products; drinks like wine, beers-especially those that ferment in the bottle; other liquids; pharmaceuticals; chemicals, and products that suffer from oxidation like electronics.

Thermal pallet covers of AlphaTherm are quick and simple to install and come in several sizes including a universal thermal pallet cover. We also customize thermal insulating pallet covers.

The material of the AlphaTherm Liners is superior in insulation because of its three layers. It is also strong and can be used several times.

AlphaTherm offers a
full range of thermal pallet covers including mats or bottoms to protect the products not only from the top and sides, but also from the bottom side.

In case you have a special request for insulating special sized cargo,
contact us.


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